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    Professional agent and distributor of personal care raw materials import traders
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    Provide fast and efficient service for customers all over the country
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    Service for many years, enjoy a good reputation in the industry.


    Guangzhou Topway Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional business of personal care industry daily chemical raw materials enterprises, mainly through the research and development of domestic colleges and universities, scientific research institutions innovation of efficient, high safety raw materials to serve the personal care products industry;

    At the same time, the company also acts AS an agent for a number of advanced cosmetics raw materials at home and abroad. At present, the company mainly agents and distributors: USA Nusil silicone series, USA SENSIENT AS GZ series, Philippines Chemrez surfactant, etc.

    • HYDRALIXIR? LD鮮活海藻細胞水(掌狀海帶)